Primary Investigators

Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas

Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas is an Associate Professor and the George and Louise Peters Professor of World Languages and Cultures at Ohio Wesleyan University. Her current research focuses on contemporary productions of 17th century texts, with special emphasis on performance and social issues. She is also working on several pedagogical projects & publications focused on how experiential learning can help students better analyze the Spanish comedia through non-traditional means. She co-edited the volume Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theater (University of Toronto Press).  

Erin Alice Cowling

Erin Alice Cowling is an Associate Professor at MacEwan University in Canada. Her research focus is on modern adaptations of early modern Spanish texts, particularly as they can speak to twenty-first-century issues of social justice and characters of the Other. She is the winner of the 2022 Matthew Stroud Comedia Article Prize for her article “Representing the Unrepresentable: A One-Man Retelling of Cervantes’s Entremeses.” She is a co-editor of Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theater, and author of Chocolate: How a New World Commodity Conquered Spanish Literature, both available from University of Toronto Press.

Student Assistants

Amanda Fuenmayor - Research Assistant

Amanda Fuenmayor is an undergraduate student at MacEwan University in Canada. She is currently in her fourth year, studying a major in psychology and a minor in Spanish. Her research assistant work consists of literature reviews, conducting and transcribing interviews.

Amanda's work has been supported by a 2022 Project Grant from the MacEwan University's Office of Research Services.

Natalia Soracipa - Research Assistant & Social Media Director

Natalia Soracipa is a doctoral student at the University of Calgary in Canada. She is from Colombia and is in her second year of her Ph.D. program. Her research focuses on the use of theatre techniques to teach second languages. Her research assistant work consists of managing social media, guiding undergrads' work, and conducting and transcribing interviews.

Natalia has experience working as an actress and researcher in both Latin America and North America.

Lorena Rojas - Research Assistant & Project Manager

Lorena is a graduate student at Western University. She is Ecuadorian, and she is in the 4th year of her Ph.D. in Hispanic studies. Her research is about voices, gender, and cinema. Specifically, she studies how feminine voices are represented in films directed by Latin American women. Her work seeks to understand how the materiality of these voices is inscribed in the narrative of the films and how the filmmaker’s voices can be thought metaphoric and symbolic ways. Her research assistant work consists of project management and organization. 

She is passionate about arts and community projects, as well as intermedial studies.  

Georgina Rivero - Research Assistant

Georgina is currently in her last year of undergrad at Grant MacEwan University. She is pursuing a major in English and minors in Spanish and Philosophy. Georgina grew up in Mexico and finds comfort in studying hispanic literature.

Her research assistant work consists of literature reviews, conducting and transcribing interviews.

Ana Juana Vicente Foster - Translator

Ana Juana is a graduate student in Translation Studies at the University of Alberta where she also works as an editorial assistant for Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos. She previously completed her B.A. in Translation and Interpretation (Spanish, English, and French) at the University of Málaga (Spain) and the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom). Her latest publication is a chapter in the book Interpreting in a changing world: new scenarios, technologies, training challenges and vulnerable groups in which she argues whether interpreters in war zones need to be military-trained. As a linguist with a plethora of interests, she is currently researching narrative translations from Spanish into English (her two mother tongues). Her MA thesis specifically unearths the challenges and translation strategies when rendering dialects and how this practice has evolved over time. Besides her academic work, Ana Juana Vicente Foster is also a professional translator and interpreter for several Alberta-based agencies and a Spanish language instructor.


Madison Cartnal - Student Intern (Fall 2023)

Madison Cartnal is an undergraduate student at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH. She is currently in her fourth year studying Pre-Medicine and Spanish with a minor in Chemistry. Her passion is to make healthcare more accessible to all, including, but not limited to, across different languages. Her work with the project involves translation and coordinating workshops and artist visits at OWU.

Elizabeth Sumoza - Student Intern (Fall 2023)

Elizabeth Sumoza is an undergraduate student at Ohio Wesleyan University in the United States. She is currently in her third year, studying with majors in Sociology/Anthropology and Theater, as well as minors in History and Spanish. She has experience in both acting and doing work backstage. Her research assistant work includes conducting and transcribing interviews. She is excited to continue to create meaningful art that contributes to conversation around social justice in the Latinx community.

Eric Flores-Moreno - Student Intern (Winter 2023)

Eric Flores-Moreno is an undergraduate student at MacEwan University in Canada. He is currently in his third year pursuing a Bachelor of Music with a major in Performance. He is passionate about creating and sharing performing arts with the community. His position as a student intern includes interviewing artists, working on the events website, and promoting the event.

Eric's position was supported by a Level UP grant.

Image credit: Israel Franco Muller. Scenography of Fuente Ovejuna by Teatro Círculo (2022). Used with permission of Israel Franco Muller.